Bryan Garner Money

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My end goal is to become a Technical Director of characters and/or production pipeline for the computer animation/cinema or game industry, then retire to teaching. I have already developed many rigging skills for human, creature, and machinery, I have helped set up a production pipeline and have fit into and supported pre-existing pipelines.

Currently I am seeking employment with a cinema/fx studio, or game developement studio or animation studio as a rigger for characters, machinery, props, or effects, that will also allow me to further develop my carreer toward becoming a character technical director.



About me:

I have a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institutes of California, Orange County. Before that I achieved a multimedia certificate with emphasis on 3D animation from Mt San Jacinto Community College.

Rigging has come natural to me, I love solving puzzles and coming up with creative solutions to problems. I can also figure out pipelines and computer programs very quickly, and I can be very organized in my work, which has put me on the path of technical direction.