Bryan Garner Money

Shot Lists



Wall-E Encounters the Wii (commercial):

The Wii-mote. A simple and effective use of my spine IK system and a few space switches.





Turning Point:

Most enemy NPC's: same biped rig, just skinned with different gemoetry.

All weapons and vehicles (except the rope on the small blimps). The weapons were simple rigs created via Mel tools, and assembled/attatched to characters with various constraints and connections. The vehicles were rigged in a similar manner.

Ragdoll for enemy NPC's using the Unreal 3 editor.



Up (video game):

NPC dogs/Jaguar/Crocodile/porcupines: a basic "dual root" quadruped rig that allowed for the hyper extention of the ankles, each adjusted for the character's size, creating the legs became tedious so I developed a Mel script to automatically generate the joints, controls and stretchy IK.

NPC snake: This snake rig had a stretchy spline IK, but also was supposed to be able to swallow the characters as well as various objects, so I developed a Mel expression that would allow the various joints to scale not only as a bulge big enough to fit the player characters, but also shift the scaling down the joint chain as if the bulges were moving to the tail and back.

Vehicle Biplanes: Simple rigs for propellers and wing flaps, as well as for the bust of the characters visible.

Vehicle Zeplin: We needed a couple rigs for this as there needed to be an interior shot, exterior and combination.

Vehicle Carl's House: Again multiple rigs were needed for this, one with just the house exterior and the hose and rope used to tie Carl and Russle to the house, a cinematic rig with various balloon bunches which would move seperately from the whole, and one with an interior and working door and hose dolly.

Background NPC's: butterflies and spiders, bugs, and carnivorous plants.




Background Civilians: A biped rig was already in place, all the models however were assembled in a "master file" with all the different nationalities and clothing styles. I created a script to separate each character and all the clothing styles to separate files, load in the biped rig, skin and transfer skin weights, then export to the Unreal 3 editor.

Pandora's Box: The box that appeared in the game intro as well as the comercial, simple hand trap and spike were needed for this, all rigged with free moving joints.



Spongebob Squarepants Truth or Square:

NPC Plankton Boss (Chum bucket robot); this rig is displayed in my creative rigs demo reel, made with fully automated tank treads with manual tread spinning as additional control.

NPC Patrick Boss; this rig is displayed in my creative rigs demo reel, made with a torso that could spin around independently of the rest of the body, as well as pants that can come down and off.

NPC enemies: most of the enemy rigs I developed with stretchy IK and spine IK for the tube like arms.

Spongebob weapons: when spongebob needs to attack, he would morph into a spatula, or wheel, or a cannon, or just fill up with water. These were built on top of the basic spongebob rig using joints and blendshapes.

Spongebob facial: Using Maya curves as the 2D GUI objects connected to over 32 blendshapes, Spongebob's zany facial expressions and phonemes brought the character to life.

Gian Eel bridge: a bridge that used my spine IK system.



Lost Planet 3:

Created Multiped, Mecha, weapon, and prop rigs. Transfered mocap data from actors to biped animation rigs. Scripted many of the MEL and Python coded tools for animation and character art production. Setup physics for collision detection and extra jiggle on dangling equipment and alien gore.



Ninja Gaiden Z:

Created rigs for player character, exposition character, most weapons, final boss and some mini-bosses. Scripted many of the tools using Python and som MEL for the character and animation production pipelines. Setup physics for extra jiggle on dangling equipment and gore.



Far Cry 4:

Skinned new animal meshes to existing skeletal structures. Developed ragdoll systems using Havoc. Complemented exiting rigs with "jiggly bits" using MotionBuilders physics simulator. Maintained animal character and animation pipelines.



Black Ops 4 Zombies IX:

Skinned new human and zombie models to existing skeletal structures. Created larger gladiator skeletal structure and MotionBuilder Rig. Rigged Homunculus weapon and character rig using Maya and MotionBuilder. Rigged Scorpion, and sling shot weapons. Rigged Helephant zombie boss using Maya and MotionBuilder. Rigged Blightfather character using Maya and MotionBuilder based off existing quadruped rig. Complemented exiting rigs with secondary motion using custom in game physics simulator. Maintained character pipeline.



Black Ops 4:

Skinned new human models to existing skeletal structures. Created female player and npc biped skeletal structure and MotionBuilder rigs. Complemented exiting rigs with secondary motion using in game physics simulator. Authored physics limit display tool in Maya using Python and Pyside. Maintained character character pipeline.



Mortal Combat cinematics:

Rigged chains in intro cinematic to follow existing physics simulation without stretching using Maya's physics. Rigged Kronika's Hour glass for physics simulation and animation.




Rigged various characters and weapons for animation in Maya. Exported and set up skeletal meshes in Unreal 4.